dBud Musician Ear Plugs


  • Selectable levels of attenuation (-12dB and -24dB) for a safe, high-fidelity listening experience.
  • Five variable-sized tips for a customized, comfortable fit.
  • Included leash and carry case to make sure protection is always on hand.
  • Perfect for musicians and music enthusiasts who want to protect their hearing while enjoying music.
  • Customized hearing protection without compromise.
  • High-quality and durable design for long-lasting use.
  • Essential for safeguarding your hearing while enjoying music for a lifetime.
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Introducing dBud hearing protection – the perfect solution for any musician or music enthusiast. With two levels of attenuation (-12dB and -24dB), this protection ensures a safe, high-fidelity listening experience, even at levels over 100dbs. The five variable-sized tips allow for a customized fit, while the included leash and carry case ensure protection is always on hand when you’re on the go. dBuds give you customized hearing protection without compromise. Safeguard your hearing and enjoy music forever with our complete line of hearing protection products.



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