CodaBow Diamond SX Viola Bow


Pioneers in the industry, CodaBow combines award-winning design inspired by centuries of tradition with the performance and durability of modern technology. Whether a passionate beginner or seasoned professional, CodaBow continues to develop the most ground-breaking and popular models played by professional musicians worldwide.

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Model Type: Performance Model

“The Gigging Bow”

While preserving the appeal of classic design, the DIAMOND SX offers a more focused, brighter tone.

A subtle frog-ward shift of the balance point and engineered facility delivers a livelier bow often desired by professionals. Its modern, sleek black finish hints at its underlying control, and its focused timbre is perfect for cutting through the soundwall at outdoor or acoustically-challenged venues.

This bow is built for the travelling or gigging musician wanting durability without compromising professional performance.

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Ideal for players progressing through Intermediate / Advanced Grades 3 – 7. View the CodaBow Pedagogical Approach here for more information. 

Tone Colour: Bright, Projecting

Balance Profile: Centre-Frog Balanced

Weight Profile: Medium

Action Profile: Moderate

Stiffness Profile: Medium

What advantage will this bow give me?

  • Lively balance offers the controlled agility necessary for advancing technique and stylistic exploration.
  • Balanced action and stiffness produces full and resonant sound.

Features & Benefits of this Codabow:

  • Graphite Diamond Weave:
    The Graphite Diamond Weave is woven in Codabow’s traditional design, to produce the highly sought balance between strength and balance. The fibres extend from the button to the tip of the bow, ensuring an evenness of balance across the entirety of the bow.
  • 100% Kevlar Acoustic Core:
    The Pure Kevlar acoustic core fibres which run through the bow helps to provide more power in the bowing action, whilst still offering the natural sensitivity and tonal characteristics of fine Pernambuco wood.
  • Xebony Frog With Tinted Carbon-Fibre Weave Slide:
    The traditional frog design made by Walter Paulus, is made out of one of the only resourceful alternatives to the threatened supply of ebony which has been named Xebony. This material provides a natural feel which continues to impress bow makers and performers alike.
  • GlobalBow™:
    Contains no endangered, regulated, or monitored species (wildlife or fauna), and pass freely through international Customs so players avoid the travel concerns of traditional bows.
  • Nickel-Silver Fittings
  • Sterling Silver Winding
  • Moroccan Leather Grip
  • Fibre-Reinforced Composite Tip Plate
  • Gold Medal Stallion Horsehair
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