CelloPhant Cello Bow Hold – All Colours

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  • Instantly improves bow hold for cello players of all levels
  • Relaxes and supports fingers for a comfortable grip
  • Provides tactile reference points for consistent bow holds
  • Adds a touch of weight for an effortless tone
  • Universal fit for all hand sizes, from child to adult
  • Made in the USA with medical-grade silicone rubber
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • No concerns about latex allergies
  • Invented by master string teachers
  • Improves overall playing experience
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Introducing the CelloPhant, the innovative bow hold accessory for cello players of all levels! The bow is the breath of tone for string players, and a primary focus of cello bow technique is having a relaxed and flexible thumb and fingers. The CelloPhant instantly relaxes and supports your fingers, allowing for a comfortable and effective bow hold.

The various anatomical features of the elephant provide tactile reference points for consistent bow holds, and the open design of the accessory allows for a relaxed hand and flexible thumb. Teachers appreciate the flexible-use design, allowing for differences in pronation and student hand size. The CelloPhant is useful for all hand sizes, from age 3 to adult.

Designed by master string teachers, the CelloPhant is ideal for young cellists, with alternate thumb locations and a place for young ring fingers to rest. The accessory also adds a touch of weight to assist in achieving an effortless tone. Invented by Things 4 Strings, the CelloPhant uniquely trains your hand to hold the bow correctly and naturally, freeing you to focus on other elements of string playing.

Upgrade your playing experience with the CelloPhant and see the difference for yourself! With its impressive benefits and innovative design, the CelloPhant is the perfect accessory for cello players looking to improve their bow hold.


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