Cello Boots

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  • Provides optimal stability for cellos and double basses
  • Prevents end pin spike from slipping away during performances
  • Protects floors from potential damage
  • Slip-proof surface without affecting sound quality
  • Allows for small adjustments in instrument position
  • Includes a removable strap for added security on slippery floors
  • Made from durable, odourless industrial elastomer
  • Austrian-made quality assurance

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Superior Stability for Exceptional Performances

Elevate your musical experience with our Cello Boots, expertly designed to ensure optimal stability for your cello or double bass. No longer worry about your instrument’s endpin spike slipping away during your performance; instead, focus on perfecting your craft and captivating your audience. With our Cello Boots, you can finally achieve the peace of mind you’ve always desired, allowing you to deliver breathtaking performances with confidence.

Safeguard Your Instrument and Floor with Elegance

Our Cello Boots not only offer a secure grip for your instrument but also protect your flooring from potential damage caused by the end pin spike. The carefully engineered shape and texture provide a slip-proof surface, maintaining the instrument’s sound quality without compromising on safety or aesthetics. Preserve the integrity of your instrument and your performance space with this indispensable accessory, crafted to withstand the rigours of passionate musicianship.

Flexible and User-Friendly Design for the Discerning Musician

Featuring a rounded stop on the front side, our Cello Boots allow for easy adjustments to your instrument’s position, catering to your unique playing style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cellist, our Cello Boots can adapt to your needs, promoting smooth, uninterrupted performances. The included removable strap can be fastened to your chair, ensuring a steadfast setup on even the slipperiest or dustiest of floors.

Unmatched Durability and Quality Craftsmanship

Made in Austria, our Cello Boots boast exceptional quality and durability. Constructed from an industrial-strength elastomer, these boots are resistant to tearing and cracking, guaranteeing a long-lasting, reliable solution for your instrument stability needs. Additionally, the odourless material ensures a pleasant user experience, so you can focus on delivering a stunning performance.

Manufacturer website: http://www.celloboots.com

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