AcoustaGrip Cello Virtuoso Contour Solo


  • Accommodates various Cello sizes from 4/4 to 1/2
  • Three-layer construction for comfort and protection
  • Enhanced moisture absorbency
  • Graduated thickness for easy access to upper positions
  • Micro-air technology for easy attachment
  • Lightweight and fits easily in cases
  • Protects Cello from perspiration damage
  • Adds greater volume to your sound
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Unparalleled Comfort with AcoustaGrip Cello Virtuoso Contour Solo

Step into a world of sublime comfort and experience the unparalleled ergonomics offered by the AcoustaGrip Cello Virtuoso Contour Solo. Designed for a variety of sizes, from 4/4 to 1/2, and even accommodating smaller Cellos, this innovative product will revolutionise your playing experience. Its layered construction, with a graduated thickness, expertly positions your Cello, enabling effortless access to higher notes and upper positions. Embrace the freedom of movement and feel every vibration, bringing you closer to your music than ever before.

Enhanced Protection and Moisture Absorbency

Protect your precious instrument from potential damage with our uniquely designed chest rest. The three-layer construction not only provides superior comfort but also guards against damage from moisture and perspiration. The Virtuoso Contour features an added third layer, boosting moisture absorbency and enhancing comfort, providing a safeguard for your Cello and giving you the confidence to play on, no matter the conditions.

Exquisite Design and Easy Attachment

Beauty meets functionality with the Virtuoso Contour Solo. Its aesthetic appeal is matched only by its practicality. Using cutting-edge micro-air technology, this Cello rest attaches with ease, providing a secure and reliable grip. Its lightweight design ensures it fits easily into cases, making it the perfect companion for the travelling musician. Add greater volume to your sound and let the Virtuoso Contour Solo bring out the best in your performance.




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