Melos Rosin

Melos Rosin: The Epitome of Excellence

Discover the artisanal excellence of Melos Rosin. Founded in 2003, the Greek family-run company has been dedicated to crafting high-quality rosins for string instruments that are accessible to all. Each handmade cake of rosin is designed to uplift your music journey, extending your creative process and enhancing your skills.

Perfect Harmony of Raw Materials

Melos Rosin is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and precise formulation. Each piece of rosin is created from raw materials – Greek pine-tree resin and colophony – handpicked by local suppliers. The brand’s dedication to crafting fresh, natural, and fine rosin ensures an unmatched quality that meets the highest expectations of music enthusiasts across the globe.

Melos Rosin: Respectful to the Environment

Melos Rosin takes pride not only in its premium products but also in its commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2023, Melos Rosin made a significant stride towards reducing environmental impact by designing 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and anti-pollution packaging. Choose Melos Rosin, and play your part in preserving our planet.

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