John Walker Tuning Forks

John Walker Tuning ForksThe Unmistakable Excellence of John Walker Tuning Forks

For almost two centuries, John Walker Tuning Forks have stood as an industry standard in the world of music. Esteemed for their impeccable accuracy, these tuning forks are an indispensable tool for musicians and piano tuners alike. In an age where digital tuners and tuning apps are readily available, the reliability and precision of John Walker Tuning Forks make them an enduring favourite. Handcrafted in Sheffield, each tuning fork is a testament to British craftsmanship, ensuring you get the highest quality product that lasts for decades.

A Time-Honoured Tradition for Musicians

John Walker Tuning Forks are synonymous with consistency and authenticity in music. Used by generations of musicians, they ensure the accuracy of instruments, bringing them to perfect pitch. They are trusted tools in tuning pianos, guitars, violins, and more, championing the beautiful art of sound. Despite the rise of digital technology, many classical musicians prefer these tuning forks, treasuring the traditional tuning experience they offer.

Experience Precision in Every Note

Every John Walker Tuning Fork is a masterpiece in its own right, promising you a perfect pitch every time. Crafted from superior materials and engineered to perform, these tuning forks promise absolute precision in tuning. Whether you’re a professional musician, an aspiring artist, or a passionate hobbyist, John Walker Tuning Forks help you create the most harmonious music, making each note you play resonate with perfect accuracy.

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  • John Walker Tuning Fork A 440hz 1627A
  • John Walker Tuning Fork E High 659hz 1627EH
  • John Walker Tuning Fork E Low 329hz 1627EL
  • John Walker Tuning Fork G 392hz 1627G
  • John Walker Tuning Fork C 523.3hz 1627C
  • John Walker Tuning Fork A415 Baroque 1627A415
  • John Walker Tuning Fork A430 1627A430
  • John Walker Tuning Fork Bb 466.2hz 1627B466

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