Pirastro Chromcor Double Bass Strings

///Pirastro Chromcor Double Bass Strings

Pirastro Chromcor Double Bass Strings


Bright sounding bass strings with a quick bow response and excellent tuning stability and a short playing in period. Available in 3/4 and 1/4 sizes.


Pirastro Chromcor Double Bass strings have a single filament core made of high-tensile steel wound with chrome steel. The Chromcor bass strings construction give a quick response under the bow making them suited ideally to arco playing. They have a bright sound without any metallic harshness. Their tuning stability is excellent, and they settle in very quickly making them playable immediately. In comparison to other bass strings, Chromcor has a very short playing in period. Pirastro Chromcor double bass strings are very durable and are similar to D’Addario Prelude and Thomastik Precision double bass strings, making Chromcor bass strings a good student double bass string alternative.

Made in Germany by Pirastro

Table of Options

Stock CodeSize String / Set Price Quantity Add To Basket
P3480-203/4Set of Strings£162.00
P3481-203/4G String£39.00
P3482-203/4D String£43.99
P3483-203/4A String£45.00
P3484-203/4E String£54.00
P3485-203/4B5 Low B String£74.50
P3480-601/4Set of Strings£162.00
P3481-601/4G String£39.00
P3482-601/4D String£43.99
P3483-601/4A String£45.00
P3484-601/4E String£54.00

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3/4, 1/4

String / Set

, , , , ,



Double Bass


Solo or Orchestra Tuning


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