Evah Pirazzi Double Bass E String Weich

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Evah Pirazzi Double Bass E String Weich


Sets and single Pirastro Evah Pirazzi double bass strings to suit 4/4 & 3/4 double basses with Weich and Mittel Variants, also in solo and orchestral tuning.

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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi double bass strings are for 3/4 and 4/4 size instruments. Single strings and sets of Evah Pirazzi double bass strings by Pirastro. In standard orchestra (G, D, A, E) or solo tuning and variations available for C extension E strings and a low B for a five string double bass.

The most popular version of these strings is the orchestra tuning, medium tension, set of strings. Closely followed in popularity by the low tension or “weich” orchestra tuning set.

Evah Pirazzi double bass strings are a great hybrid string made in Germany by Pirastro. They command a huge following with double bassists around the world, this makes them one of the most popular bass strings that we have ever sold. The weich variant of the string, available to order below, is a low tension string which a lot of bassists find easier and more comfortable on the left hand to play.
Evah Pirazzi Double Bass Strings Features:

Evah Pirazzi double bass strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. The core then has chrome steel wound around it.
The all round string set, they are equally suitable for both, Arco and Pizz.
Their sound is big, powerful, dark and well-rounded.
Emphasised lower frequencies with an outstanding resonant decay
Exceptional sound projection
High torsional stiffness
Very quick response and comfortable left-hand feeling
Completely impervious to climate changes in both temperature and humidity
Short playing-in-time

Mittel vs Weich
For most players, the medium (mittel) tension is considered to be normal. Compared to the “mittel” or medium tension set the sound of the “weich” or weak tension strings is brighter and has more growl with a little more sustain. The set has a pronounced core sound. Due to the reduced string tension, the playability is easier than with the standard set. If you are unsure which tension to choose please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Orchestra vs Solo Tuning
Evah Pirazzi bass strings are available in two different tuning options; orchestra and solo. Most bass players will use the normal orchestral tuning of G-D-A-E compared with the solo tuning strings which are designed to be tuned one whole note higher giving you A-E-B-F#.

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