Double Bass Stool with Seat Rotation Height Adjustment

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This Stool is height adjustable by spinning the seat. Great for school and music centres as it can be adjusted quickly to suit every player. It has a maximum height to seat of 71cm and a minimum of 49cm just rotate the seat to change the height.

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Adjustable Double Bass Stool with sure-grip spindle height adjustment. It has a maximum height to seat surface of 71 cm (28″), a minimum height to seat surface of 49 cm (19.25″) and is continuously adjustable in between by a rotating the seat of the stool. To make the seat of the bass stool go height higher or lower just spin the seat around.

The height range and adjustability of this stool makes it ideal for double bass players of all ages and sizes which is perfect for young bassists as it can grow with them all the way up to playing a 3/4 size double bass.

These double bass stools are most popular in schools and music centres because of their quick and safe height adjustment making them ideal for multiple players or students of differing heights.

The bass stool itself is well made demonstrating solid workmanship and highest quality materials. Its legs are double braced with strong rubber feet that are replaceable if they wear out. It also has a sure-grip spindle height adjustment with memory lock to keep the seat at the set height.

The seat is 33 cm (13″) in diameter, comfortably padded and covered in black vinyl.


Double Bass Stool Technical Specification:

Seat Size: 13″

Seat Material: Vinyl

Shaft: Sturdy Threaded Shaft

Shaft Clamp: DSure-Grip Clamp

Leg Specification: Double Braced Leg, 16 mm width, 4 mm thickness

Tube Specification: Lower Tube: 1 1/4″, 240 cm length, Upper Tube: Threaded Shaft, 320 cm length



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