Corelli Cantiga Violin String Set

///Corelli Cantiga Violin String Set

Corelli Cantiga Violin String Set


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Savarez have developed a new multifilament core that they have never used before. A very different material offering unprecedented characteristics. A new generation of very high quality strings.

No string before has ever offered such a great playing sensation and elegant sound metamorphosis! A genuinely high end string.


  • A new intense, rich, focus and clean sound with a large harmonic spectrum
  • A very lively and responsive string allowing the finest nuances(secure, free and easy playing).
  • A very easy response in all positions.
  • Newly designed machines, the specific construction and materialof CANTIGA strings contribute to their great
  • longevity with perfect stability of their tonal characteristics (tuning, harmonics…).


  • The string settles-in very quickly; immediately making a difference while the first notes are played, and improving again in few hours..
  • Perfect balance between the four strings (tone and projection). All the musicians who participated in our tests, decided to keep the full set.
  • Very important: Cantiga strings fit modern and antique instruments perfectly.

At first they were suggested for professionals, soloists in orchestras, chamber-music players, but they are also highly esteemed by well-known jazz violinists.
Thanks to their price, they are accessible to all players.

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