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Astrea Double Bass G String


Astrea double bass strings are a great upgrade from the factory fitted double bass strings that a lot of basses come with as new. Available as a complete set or individual strings.

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Astrea double bass strings are a tried and tested bass string, they make great student strings. The E is plain steel and the AD & G are chrome wound all are medium tension strings. Astrea bass strings are an entry level string at an affordable price. Ideal as an upgrade from the basic factory fitted strings that a lot of double basses come with. They are a very popular string choice with student bassists and are suitable for full size (4/4) and 3/4 sizes of double bass. Available for sale as a complete set of four strings in orchestra tuning, (G,D,A,E) or individually as single strings. The complete range of Astrea double bass strings can be bought here.

Suitable for 3/4 and 4/4 double basses, Astrea strings are predominantly a student brand of string. All Astrea bass strings are of medium tension.

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