Aricore Violin Strings

///Aricore Violin Strings

Aricore Violin Strings


Aricore Violin Strings available in 4/4 as a medium gauge string with a dark timbre and a warm sound.

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Aricore violin strings are available in 4/4 (full) size and are made with a polyester core. This helps prevent them being sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They have a dark timbre and a warm sound. They are a medium gauge string and the set comprises of the following strings; E-steel, A- and D-aluminum, G-silver. There are also A and D strings wound with chrome steel, these give a brighter sound than the aluminium wound strings and are impervious to hand perspiration.

Table of Options

Stock CodeViolin String String Type Ball or Loop End Price Quantity Add To Basket
416021Set of StringsSET Steel E, Aluminum A&D, Silver GSET with Ball E£58.78
416025Set of StringsSET Steel E, Aluminum A&D, Silver GSET with Loop E£58.78
310121E StringSteelBall£6.70
310821E StringSteelLoop£6.70
416221A StringSynthetic Core, Aluminium WoundBall£17.86
418221A StringSynthetic Core, Chrome WoundBall£20.26
416321D StringSynthetic Core, Aluminium WoundBall£19.06
418321D StringSynthetic Core, Chrome WoundBall£21.46
416421G StringSynthetic Core, Pure Silver WoundBall£23.14

Additional information

Violin String

Set of Strings, E String, A String, D String, G String

String Type

SET Steel E, Aluminum A&D, Silver G, Steel, Synthetic Core, Aluminium Wound, Synthetic Core, Chrome Wound, Synthetic Core, Pure Silver Wound

Ball or Loop End

Ball, Loop, SET with Ball E, SET with Loop E