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Amber Violin Strings

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Warchal Amber Violin strings have been developed with the aim of achieving the sound quality of the best gut strings without any tuning instabilities. The set features W-Core®, a completely new core material developed by Warchal’s Research & Development team.
Their sound is rich and warm yet still has texture. The strings also feature a distinctive high-quality silking design.
The Amber E string is based on Warchal’s newest unique invention. Their solution increases the longitudinal elasticity of the string, which results in a significant sound improvement and no whistling.
Within the Amber Violin strings range there are two 4/4 sets one set with a loop E and one set with a ball E. There are two different tensions of E string; medium and high, available individually. The A, D and G strings are available in medium tension only and the D has a silver winding option.

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