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Flexocor Permanent Violin Strings

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Flexocor Permanent Violin Set of Strings 4/4 Medium
Flexocor Permanent Violin Set of Strings 4/4 Medium

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Pirastro Flexocor-Permanent Violin Strings – The warm sounding steel string with a round sound and clear overtone spectrum.

  • The Flexocor-Permanent has a rope core wound with aluminium (A), titanium (D) and silver (G).
  • warm and round sound with a clear overtone spectrum
  • good diversity of sounds, smooth and lively tone with a pliable left-hand feeling
  • big tone
  • great projection
  • very stable

Pirastro Flexocor-Permanent violin strings are made in full size only. The set of Flexocor-Permanent contains the following strings:

  • E-steel
  • A-aluminum
  • D-titanium
  • G-silver

The E strings are available with a loop or ball end.

Pirsatro recommends their Schwarz rosin for use with these strings.

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