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Chorda Violin Strings

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Chorda Violin Set of Strings 4/4 Medium Envelope
Chorda Violin E String 4/4 Low

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Complete set of four medium tension Pirastro Chorda Violin strings.

Pirastro Chorda Violin strings are authentic strings for baroque instruments. They are only available in full-size and the Chorda E, A and D strings are plain gut with the G string being wound. Chorda’s have a very low string tension and a comfortable left-hand feeling. They are designed for 440 Hz tuning. However, for 415 Hz tuning use the highest tension out of the three available; low, medium and high. At the tailpiece end of Chorda violin strings the E, A and D strings are all without a knot, the G strings are all with a knot.

Pirastro recommends their Eudoxa rosin for use with Chorda strings.

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