Helicore Double Bass Strings

The Helicore bass string range has a version suitable for all types of double bass playing including;

  • Hybrid, for the player who crosses over between Arco and Pizz playing.
  • Orchestral, for the bassists playing mainly Arco.
  • Pizzicato designed specifically for the players who are playing mainly Pizz.
  • There is also a Solo version for the players who like to stand out.

Helicore bass strings represent excellent value for money, whichever variant you choose. There is a  wide range of tensions and sizes to suit you and your bass.

Helicore is probably D’Addario’s most popular bass string due to their quality, diversity and price. They are particularly popular for smaller basses as they are one of the few brands that are manufactured all the way down to 1/10 size.

The complete range of D’Addario Helicore double bass strings are listed below categorised into their variant groups.

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