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Kaplan Cello Strings

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Kaplan cello strings are for 4/4 (full size) cellos. There are three different tensions available within the D’Addario Kaplan Cello range. The A and D strings are made with a solid steel core to give longevity and tuning stability. The G and C are made with a Stranded Steel core for strength and flexibility giving great bow response. The Kaplan cello A string is Titanium wound, the D string is Nickel wound and the G and C are Tungsten wound.

  • 4/4 full size Scale length 27.5 inches / 700mm
  • Medium, Low and High tension variants
  • Solid core A and D strings
  • Stranded core G and C strings
  • Projection, Clarity and Richness
D'Addario Kaplan Cello Strings
D’Addario Kaplan Cello Strings

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