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Experience the world of extraordinary sound dynamics with Larica Metal Rosins. A creation of the illustrious Seitz Rosin Manufacturer, these rosins carry forward the rich legacy of Liebenzeller’s Metal Rosins with the same impeccable quality and precision. Every single rosin is handcrafted with attention to detail, promising an unparalleled product that delivers a unique tone, tailored to your specific instrument.

Distinctly Crafted for Uncompromised Sound Quality

Unleash the true potential of your instrument with the versatile assortment of Larica Metal Rosins. Each rosin variant is ingeniously combined with a unique metal, offering different sound qualities. Experience a larger, radiant sound, minimal unwanted noise, and consistent performance across varying environments. Our rosins are also allergy-friendly, creating minimal dust – a feature much loved by our discerning users.

The Secret Behind the Sound – Metal Components

Larica Metal Rosin infuses precious metals to produce unique sound characteristics. Gold offers a full, harmonious, round, and radiant tone that adds richness to your music. Meteoric Iron imparts a powerful, focused, and energetic sound, perfect for solo performances. Tin brings a warm, concentrated, and clear tone, while Silver offers a brighter, slender tone. For beginners, Copper-infused rosin provides a warm, velvety tone that facilitates easy learning.

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  • larica Gold I
  • Larica Gold II
  • Larica Gold IV Rosin
  • Larica Gold VI Double Bass Rosin
    Double Bass Rosin

    Larica Gold VI Bass Rosin

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  • Larica Silver Rosin
    Violin Rosin

    Larica Silver I Rosin

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  • Larica Silver Rosin
  • Larica Meteorite Rosin
  • Larica Meteorite Rosin

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