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Arcos Bows BrasilThe Art of Arcos Brasil Bows

Discover the world-renowned craftsmanship behind Arcos Brasil bows. Revered globally for their remarkable quality, beauty, and playability, these bows represent the zenith of fine bowmaking. Each creation begins its journey in the Brazilian rainforest, where the coveted Pernambuco wood grows exclusively. This precious material is meticulously selected and prepared, ensuring only the most superior wood contributes to the creation of an Arcos Brasil bow.

Superior Quality from Selection to Completion

The magic of Arcos Brasil bowmaking starts with the careful selection of Pernambuco wood, the primary determinant of a fine bow. Our trained professionals painstakingly cut the wood into bow blanks, ensuring optimal wood grain direction and minimising waste. These blanks are then stored and dried naturally over several years. Each stage of production is underscored by an uncompromising commitment to quality. From processing the sticks on a special lathe to the final inspection, every step embodies excellence and precision.

Hand-Crafted Perfection and Detail

Our bows are more than just instruments; they are works of art. The bowmakers pour their talent and passion into crafting each bow, meticulously graduating the stick to its final shape. They leverage their expertise to achieve the ideal balance of flexibility and strength in every bow. The finishing touches include a carefully applied traditional mix of oil and shellac, gold or silver wire, and occasionally French tinsel or silk thread. This meticulous process ensures that every Arcos Brasil bow is a testament to beauty, quality, and finesse.

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